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21 Retail Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales

Retail Marketing Strategies

The times in which we live make it necessary for companies, belonging to the sector they belong to, to adapt to the digital world, through a digital transformation that helps them survive technological advances.

A sector particularly affected by technological progress is the retail sector, given that, in these times battered by the coronavirus, a large part of its public is betting on online purchases.

This sector is very broad, encompassing a wide variety of businesses, from supermarkets to clothing stores, hardware stores … in short, all those businesses with retail sales. Therefore, when designing and implementing retail marketing strategies, a key point is to know the target audience and adapt the strategy to that audience.

What is Retail Marketing?

Retail marketing is the set of marketing actions that we carry out in a store with the intention of improving the customer experience and achieving the sale by generating sensations.

The main objective is to stimulate the senses of the audience (touch, sight, smell, hearing …) through the implementation of certain actions until the client focuses all his attention where we want him to. In the case of online stores, UX plays a key role.

Differences between the e-retailer and the marketplace

The concepts of e-retailer and marketplace, unlike what many people may think, are very different concepts, with important differences, although both can be included in what we call e-commerce.

E-retailer refers to a retail store taken to the digital plane, a store that normally has the same products that are in the physical store. While the marketplace is a collaborative space where different companies, producers, or individuals can put their products on sale and where each of the companies works to promote them.

We present 21 retail marketing strategies that, surely well implemented, are very effective for your brand and bring you great benefits, such as a greater number of leads and conversions.

1.Optimize your Google Business Page – Local SEO


2.Make combos


3.Buy online, pick up in the store


4.Send out promotions via SMS


5.Send weekly discount codes on your Facebook Page


6.-Offer to Match online prices


7.Host Events


8.Create a lounge space with Wifi


9.Partner with complementary businesses


10.More pictures and Video


11.Ask for Referals


12. Reconnect with old customers

say hi to old customers


13. Network

Meet new people, tell them what you do, who you are, and your passions. Join some local Meetup groups, attend to some events. Go to events such as a new launch business, new opening, local chamber of commerce events, school events, college events, church events, city events… Be nice, approach everyone with a smile and say “Hi, I’m Peter. How can I help you?”. That’s the positive attitude, be friendly.

14. Offer to bring a friend and get this…


15.Hire Mr.Clean


16.Loyalty strategies
In many retail businesses, loyalty strategies based on reward systems are very effective. These strategies consist of points programs, discount coupons … The important thing is to discover what your audience values ​​the most and implement that reward.

These strategies are important to get repeat customers. Although others based on rewards can also be used to obtain relevance and interaction, for example, the usual raffles that are carried out on social networks.

17.-Social media activity
It is nothing new that customers who normally have contact or follow the social networks of a company are more likely to visit the website and buy the products or services that are sold there.

But it is not valid with any activity on social networks, it is necessary to have a global strategy in all of them capable of mobilizing the audience through quality content.

18.-Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is a good retail marketing strategy for generating valuable content. This strategy consists of achieving a series of collaborations between brands and people who have great visibility and prominence in some social networks, such as Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube …

The main benefit of implementing these strategies is that influencers promote the brand among their followers so that they gain trust in the company. Currently, of all platforms, Instagram has become the main bastion were to develop these strategies.

19.-Improve user experience
In the retail sector, it is very important to provide customers with a good experience and to accompany them in each of the phases of the purchasing process. To do this, you have to know them well and take into account some elements, for example, the design of the website, customer service, customization, usability, and so on.

20. Listen to your customers


21.Become a customer


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my Retail Marketing strategies?

To improve your Retail Marketing strategies focus on enhancing the solution you are presenting to your potential customers, make sure they see why they should buy from you, why they should get your services, why they should do business with you. Work on presenting a product so irresistible that people would want it, just like love at first sight. Present your products, services, and solutions in a way they are seen like “what people would want right away”.


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