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Digital marketing for dentists & dental clinics

Digital marketing for Dentists & dental clinics

In this article, we review the keys to digital marketing for dentists, all the benefits that marketing has in dental clinics, some of the most successful strategies for this type of sector, and much more.

15 Advantages of Digital Marketing

These are some advantages we can name:

Increases the visibility of the clinic. Thanks to the fact that marketing improves positioning, your dental clinic will gain a lot of visibility on the net.

  1. Low cost to implement.
  2. Saving. Digital marketing encompasses strategies that can be very economical considering other forms of offline advertising.
  3. Good return on the investment.
  4. Easy to measure
  5. Easy to modify and adjust.
  6. Easy to schedule
  7. Easy to share
  8. Global or local
  9. Precise targeting
  10. Improves branding. The implementation of good digital marketing strategies has a direct impact on the brand of your clinic (in branding). Each of the strategies used will help you get the user to remember your clinic.
  11. Greater engagement
  12. Room for improvement
  13. Easy to create engagement
  14. With more traffic to your website, search engines can recommend your services.
  15. Works with any service or product.

Digital marketing strategies for your clinic

Discover some of the best digital marketing strategies for your dental clinic:

A website with its own design and adapted to new technologies
One of the main strategies is the creation of a website with its own attractive design that captures the user’s attention and encourages a call to action.

To obtain the expected results, it is important to have specialists in digital marketing who know, not only how to design the web so that it adapts to the needs of the public, but also so that they know how to adapt it to new technologies, making a responsive version that adapts to mobile devices, or that their load is fast and of a good experience to the user, among many other things.

Search engine optimization
More and more people start the search for the service they want to hire through the internet, through search engines (such as Google). Therefore, your business must appear in these search engines for the appropriate keywords.

Working on search engine optimization or SEO positioning is one of the most necessary strategies in any sector, it was not going to be less for dentists.

How to work SEO in my clinic? We recommend that you not only do traditional SEO, that you bet on local SEO. So that you understand well what local SEO consists of, we give you an example: imagine that a user searches the internet for Dental Clinic in Madrid and yours appears in the first positions…. That’s local SEO!

Social media
Social networks are one of the main marketing tools for any company, regardless of the sector, it belongs to. Different studies reveal that almost half of the population that uses them trusts the information they find in them and that… you can use it to your advantage! In addition, it tells us how important it is for your dental clinic to appear on the main social networks.

What is the best network for dentists? Each social network provides different benefits and although Facebook continues to be at the top of the list, Instagram will allow you to show the results of your patients (as long as they allow it) through images to capture the attention of your target audience.

Email marketing
Email marketing is not out of date. It continues to be one of the first options for companies and, not only will it help you to publicize your clinic, it also positions you as an expert and helps you sell your service in a faster and easier way, offering discounts and bonuses for your potential customers.

If this strategy is used correctly, it is capable of converting 3 times more than social networks.

Personal brand
As you well know, the personal brand is the mark we leave on others (the brand). Many of the digital marketing strategies have the objective of improving the personal brand, branding strategies such as those of Apple or Starbucks that manage to position themselves at the head of the audience.

You as a dental clinic can also do it, through good designs, generation of appropriate content for the public, and so on.

Digital marketing plan for dentists
A digital marketing plan for dentists must include, at least, the following points:

Historical analysis of recent years. It is important to carry out a thorough analysis of your own business. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses, and what the customer acquisition channels have been in recent years.
Market study. It is necessary to do it to know the sector, who are our main competitors, what are the prices of services in other clinics, how they manage to attract new clients …
SWOT Analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, and Opportunities). This analysis will allow us to see what the situation of the clinic is and where we can go.
Digital experience. What is the digital experience so far (website, positioning in different search engines, establishment in social networks, etc.). Create a business digital transformation plan if necessary.

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