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Learn Direct marketing and strategies

Learn Direct marketing and strategies

Direct Marketing

In today’s world Marketing has become one of the most important outsourced departments or services of any company and we all know it. And it is the main link between consumers and businesses, it is the discipline that helps us to attract, obtain and retain customers by covering their main customer’s needs. Any marketing strategy seeks the same thing, however, some strategies are more effective than others, more expensive, take longer in time, and so on. It is important to analyze and select the most appropriate marketing strategy for your particular business.

Important Steps in Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a type of marketing that wants to communicate quickly and effectively with customers and is capable of generating many sales with little investment. Let’s go over these frequently asked questions by revising simple and direct answers.

  1. What is direct marketing?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. What are the advantages?
  4. What types of direct marketing are there?

What is direct marketing?
Direct marketing is a type of commercial communication that usually involves promotional initiatives with a clear objective: to increase the effectiveness of the strategy, get more customers and expose the brand to the world.

This marketing is like a type of advertising campaign that is carried out to find an answer in a specific part of the target audience. What kind of responses? For example: filling up a form, increasing visits to an online store or corporate website, get potential customers to watch a video, purchase a launched product, and so on.

Direct marketing can be carried out by implementing different strategies which could be telemarketing, physical marketing, catalog marketing, or email marketing, among others.

Why is direct marketing used so much?
Because is easy to create, measure, analyze, and successful.

  • Makes customers feel special with personal.
  • It can be followed up.
  • It provides true feedback on products and services.
  • It provides other helpful data to improve the campaigns.

What are your goals? Direct Marketing Goals

We all have different goals with our businesses, you must have it clear too. You should know the outcome you are looking for with Direct Marketing.

  • Brand awareness: one of the main objectives when implementing direct marketing strategies is brand awareness, that is, increasing the number of people who know a certain brand or company. The increase in visibility does not have to give immediate sales but entering the consumer’s mind can provide sales in the future.
  • Loyalty: with Direct Marketing we considerably improve the relationship with the audience and thereby increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. To achieve this, it is key to treat each client or potential client individually and exclusively.
  • Sales: as in any marketing strategy, one of the main objectives is to generate leads and increase sales.

What are the advantages? 
Direct marketing has been a before and after in the world of marketing. This is due to all the advantages and benefits it brings, advantages that have led this discipline to become one of the most used in both the online and offline environments.

What kinds of direct marketing are there?

Here we have the following:

  • Telemarketing: telemarketing consists of telephone calls made to contacts in a database with clear objectives, such as selling, obtaining opinions about a product or service, informing about a campaign, and so on.
  • Direct Email Marketing: Email marketing, as its name suggests, seeks to reach the target audience through email. It consists of sending emails to inform customers of prices, news, promotions or to sell.
  • Physical Marketing: Physical marketing is the type of direct marketing that consists of sending advertising material directly to the physical address of the public. This type of marketing has many benefits, among which the personalization and good segmentation that can be done stand out.
  • Catalog marketing: catalog marketing is the marketing that consists of sending the audience a catalog with all the products or services of the company with the aim of selling some of them. It can be done by sending a printed catalog or its digital version.

We tell you about some successful examples of direct marketing carried out by large companies:

  • Honda: The Hoda car company is using direct marketing to remind their customers to service their car, to introduce new cars, to provide coupons for their next service.
  • Netflix: The famous entertainment platform is an expert in direct marketing. The company started by buying content from others to incorporate it into its catalog and offer it to its customers. This helped him to get to know his customers, their tastes, etc., so he prepared to offer personalized content.
  • Starbucks: The famous coffee brand often uses direct marketing to celebrate its customers’ birthdays. Each loyal customer receives a drink of their choice only redeemable the day of their birthday, not only that but also each customer accumulates points they can redeem for drinks and other items. This creates constant branding and loyalty.

Starbucks Direct Marketing

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