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How to advertise on LinkedIn

How to advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a professional social network. More than 600 million and more professionals are present there worldwide. Do you want to reach them? How do you reach them?

There are two ways to reach them:

  • Directly by creating your own LinkedIn contact group. 
  • Using LinkedIn Advertising, a paid service with a few options to choose from.
  • You could also create a Rich LinkedIn contact Network and invite them to join.

Learn how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Sponsored content on LinkedIn Getting your content to reach the most appropriate people is, without a doubt, the goal of any Inbound Marketing strategy. But it is that if, in addition, it is done on the platform that generates the most professional leads to the right people … so much the better, right?
Let’s see some useful tips on this:
  • If your content includes a statistic, it can have up to 162% more impressions and a much higher CTR. LinkedIn and businessmen love statistics, we pay attention to statistics.
  • Short posts (less than 150 characters) get a much higher engagement rate because we don’t like to read too much, we want solutions.
  • Plan, try, improve, and repeat. Try different texts, titles, calls to action … Collect what you see as the best working and put it together. Create your own recipe putting everything that has been working on 1 masterpiece.
  • Image matters, and more than you think. Get powerful images, graphics, videos … that attract the attention of your audience. Using the perfect image, then a short description with the solution, and then the link or call to action.

LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail

This is a LinkedIn secret weapon and is part of its great success. Is a tool that can be so useful and helpful, but if you don’t know what you are doing can be a weapon of destruction for your business. Because if it is done wrong, it can hurt your brand image. Here is a list with tips on how to properly advertise on LinkedIn Inmails:

  • Customize everything you send. Make it personal.  Relax, it is not that you have to be writing to all the users one by one. LinkedIn allows you to use automatic tools to put the name of who is going to receive the email. According to LinkedIn, your conversions can increase up to 16%.
  • Test and test, again, constantly test. To optimize a campaign well you have to test it, then study the results, fix the mistakes, and make it better. Here the importance is in the subject of the email, your target audience, the content, the call to action link, or phone number, and your direct contact info. Even the tone in which you send it is important.
  • Use Sponsored content. By using sponsored content in conjunction with an Inmails campaign, CTRs can increase up to 95% more than if done alone. Not bad, huh?
  • Try to keep your emails directly to the point, provide a solution, and make them conversational. That is, make short emails, less than 1,000 characters, and try to make the tone more conversational than sales.

LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail

Some tricks for your LinkedIn campaigns

Advertising on LinkedIn can allow you to increase your brand awareness and get new qualified contacts (leads) for your business. As we said before, the great advantage of LinkedIn is that it is a professional network, made up of professionals. If your target audience is professional, then it is here for sure.

Pay attention to these last tips to achieve higher conversion rates in your campaigns:

  • Go directly to your audience. This will help you with personalization, speak correctly to your audience, call them by name, and talk about what you know they like.
  • Detect what is working best. Create two or three different variations per campaign, test them, then study the results to remove what you see that is not working.
  • Determine your target. That is, the people you want to reach with your ads. LinkedIn allows you great targeting possibilities, so choose well from the beginning. Because if you send your campaign to the wrong audience you will lose effort, time, and money.

Some tricks for your LinkedIn campaigns

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