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What is Viral Marketing?

Learn all about viral marketing and more

Viral Marketing… All about it

Viral marketing is what all companies want. There is no brand that does not want to create campaigns with content that touch the magic keys to reach the public and thus reach millions of views, likes, shares … it is like a domino effect but more powerful because it gets to more crowds spreading the news, or a new product or service.

Today this happens with many types of content, some have been created intentionally for this to happen and others have been created simply for fun and without intention, and yet they have managed to go viral. Viral Marketing goes from person to person and spreads just like a cold.

If you want to know more about this discipline of marketing, strategies, how it really works then… keep reading!

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is the type of marketing that has the ability to reach your audience quickly and easily. In this type of marketing one characteristic stands out: it is shared by itself. It is the audience itself that advertises the message or the campaign through ‘shares’ on social networks, views, likes, and so on.

The only thing the company or brand has to do is make the viral message to capture the public’s attention and… this is not an easy task! Not many companies are able to successfully create viral marketing.

How does Viral Marketing work?

The operation of a viral marketing campaign is simple and to implement this type of marketing you have to:

  • Create eye-catching content: the content has to be really attractive to your target. It could be an image, a video, a text … it does not matter as long as it is attractive! I must mention videos are most shared by users, as long as they are well executed.
  • Select the Media channels: now you that you have the content, you must select the channels you will disseminate it. Place it in front of your audience, where they are such as Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Linked In, or Pinterest.
  • Select the best time to make it viral: learn when your audience is most active and then release the new content, don’t do it when they are not connected, select the day and time of the day where it can create the domino effect. For example on a weekday from 12:30 to 1:00 is when most people have lunchtime and they are on their phones… that’s the perfect time for things to go viral.

How does Viral Marketing work

Kinds of Viral Marketing strategy

There are different viral marketing strategies that you can implement. Some of them are the following:

  • Target your audience and surprise them with a picture or video. The image has to speak for itself and be able to grab the attention right away, if it doesn’t then you need to fix it.
  • Create a Video with unpredictable and catchy content.
  • Give away a product or service for free, use a unique picture, you must have a video too.
  • Do something unpredicted, something no one expects you to do it.
  • Sharing, Downloading, and embedding. Everything you do has to have it.
  • Wow your audience! And they will share it with the world.

Advantages and benefits

  • It has a great reach, more than you can imagine, it can cross borders. If it is properly planned and carried out it can even reach other cities, states, continents, and countries.
  • Low cost to implement, as we mentioned before because your content becomes advertised by your audience, not by you. The users and potential customers do all the work for you, this will save you money and you will get more exposure, more leads, more sales, and more revenue.
  • It will help you build brand trust, users and potential customers will notice your brand as a solid company, this will help you support and empower your brand. Your brand will get noticed and it will help you get more business, not only directly from your customers but from other companies.
  • It is safe, not invasive, not spam at all. This is because your potential customers will do the advertising for you, it is just like recommendations by people you know and trust. You will click on a link or a file coming from a close friend or relative.
  • Oh yes, faster than you think. When content gets viral you will know it because the results are quick, the sharing process happens right away and lasts for a while, I could say days and weeks.

You don’t need the very best product to become a viral trend, all you need is creativity and get the attention of your potential clients.

The Viral Marketing Success Formula

Unique content + Distribution Channels + Right Distribution Time + Right Target Audience

This formula is simple and it does not need much explanation, it works, not because I’m telling you I have heard it works but because I have done it, and works like magic. Sometimes you can create Viral Content you did not expect would become Viral at all, content you had planned to complete a simple task or by accident, then BOOM gets viral to a niche or group, or audience who happens to be on that niche.

Frequently Asked Questions about Viral Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions about Viral Marketing

Why is Viral Marketing important?

Viral Marketing is marketing that spreads like a virus. This kind of marketing can create a positive impact on a product, service, and company. It is the marketing piece that if done right can bring great exposure, visibility, website traffic, and sales revenue to a company.
How do companies use Viral Marketing?
Viral Marketing is used in many ways, by creating content, images, and videos using the domino effect to push a new product or service. The content spreads from person to person just like a virus. Companies are using social media channels with eye-catching ads.
What is a Viral Marketing example?
A good Viral Marketing example could be a new amazing product that does everything a person wants or could be something funny, or a unique event everyone would love to go to. A great example we could mention could be the Tesla Model S that was released a couple of years ago, because of its efficiency, eco friendly, money-saving and high tech car, the video release of this Tesla car went viral that all the first units were sold before the release day.
What are the disadvantages of Viral Marketing?
The main disadvantages of viral marketing are:
  • Spam threats, some spammers use the Viral Marketing wave to fool the audience with fake pages, videos, and links.
  • Bad Planning could hurt the company, make sure you do it right otherwise instead of creating trust and reputation you could do the opposite, that is why before releasing a Viral Marketing campaign it has to be revised over and over, so there are no mistakes. Mistakes can and will hurt your revenue.
  • Do not copy your competition, if you do this your company will get hurt and known as fake, it might also get legal problems. Be unique in your campaigns, your customers will remember uniqueness over more of the same.
How effective is Viral Marketing?
It is very effective because it puts the potential customer or user in charge by spreading the message for you. It cuts down many costs of investing too much on campaigns over and over. The key is to create the perfect content for each targeted audience, then it will spread by your audience for you.
How Social Media is used for advertising?
Social media ads will allow you to reach your audience or potential customers. You can run Facebook ads, select your target audience, select the age, gender, city, and countries you want that ad to show. Then you need to determine when you want this ad to appear and where you want the customer to go, to a landing page, to the new product page, or other. The right campaign plus Viral Marketing can take leads and sales to the roof.
Is Viral Marketing expensive?
It is not expensive when you plan it correctly, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all because when you have created the content you just have to place it in front of your viewers or audience at the right time to create the effect you are looking for. Then your audience will do the rest.
What are the advantages of social media advertising?
There are many advantages we could mention the following:
  • More Brand Recognition.
  • Better Brand Loyalty.
  • More Conversion Rates.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs.

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